A Starter’s Guide to Affirmations

 “Meditation is not a new concept. Its roots can be traced to prehistoric times, having now been used for thousands of years as a way for us to collect our thoughts, center ourselves, and grow introspectively.

It should be no surprise that a lot of people turn to meditation for help when they’re struggling with their mental health. The problem is a lot of people, myself included, don’t really know where to start.

In traditional forms of meditation, it’s thought that you should pick a mantra – a sound, a word, an utterance, a phrase – that means something to you and focus on it. Does this sound familiar? It should.

When you pray, you’re meditating. When you concentrate on something, you’re meditating. When you focus on affirmations, on phrases of emotional self support or encouragement, you’re meditating – it’s that simple.

Affirmations to Start With:.

  • I am enough.
  • I am bigger than my diagnosis.
  • My condition does not matter.
  • My feelings are valid.
  • I love myself for who I am.
  • I care about myself.
  • I am grateful for the good things in my life.
  • Better mental health is possible for me.
  • I value my mental health.
  • There are people who can help me.
  • It is ok to struggle with mental health.
  • I deserve to be happy and healthy.
  • I can learn coping skills for my symptoms.
  • I am more than my emotions.
  • Every day I learn more about myself.
  • I am loved and appreciated.
  • It is ok to talk to people about how I feel.
  • I deserve to be kind to myself.
  • I love myself.
  • I trust myself.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I can make a difference.
  • I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.
  • I do not have to be defined by my fear.


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Writer, illustrator, musician. Since being diagnosed with OCD, Nathan has infused within all his work the same chief objective: destigmatize mental health and the treatment of it.

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