Daily Mental Health Tracker

Just because you know taking care of your mental health is important doesn’t make it easy. As your schedule fills up and your window of free time closes, it can become harder to find time for yourself. Self-care can begin to fall through the cracks, which is where the Daily Mental Health Trackers steps in.

In easy to follow categories, this tracker allows you to follow the events of your day and track your mood as you go. That way, over time, you’ll discover the areas of your life where you may need to slow down and take a little breather.

It’s a great tracking method for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. If it helps, you can think of it as a tool used to prevent bad habits.

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Writer, wanna-be illustrator, avid reader. Wrapping up a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Kaeli hopes to continue bringing awareness to mental health issues.

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