We care deeply about mental health.

As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), we are committed to improving mental health care for those who need it most. We remain unwavering in our service of people with treatment-resistant depression and related mental health issues.

 At Osmind, our goal is to maximize patient access to innovative treatments that can help where other therapies fail.

These innovative treatments may include novel classes of antidepressants, neuromodulation techniques, psychedelic medicines, and medication-assisted therapy, which have tremendous potential to transform mental health. We strive to help these transformative therapies accumulate scientific and clinical evidence, gain FDA approval, overcome insurance and cost barriers, overcome care delivery constraints, solve barriers around patient access to mental health care, gain legitimacy within the medical community, and achieve widespread use more effectively and quickly to help the many people who are struggling each and every day. Our platform empowers healthcare providers, improves patient care, accelerates research, and increases patient access. We are guided by our north star — to help people of all backgrounds feel better.

We have a bold vision for the future of mental health. Let’s work together to reduce suffering and promote worldwide healing.